ChatGPT: everything you need to know about the AI ​​that “threatens” Google

ChatGPT: everything you need to know about the AI ​​that “threatens” Google

the chat It was released to the public on November 30 last year, and since then, it has gained attention for its ability to create textual content – in just a few days, the service reached 1 million users. the artificial intelligence (AI) The service is still in the training phase, but it is already possible to get complex texts with almost no grammatical errors in different languages, including Portuguese.

The ability of the service not only to write well, but also to provide answers to various kinds of questions The reason for the alert to GoogleAnd, which will soon announce a counterattack. This Monday the 23rd, Microsoft Confirmed billionaire investment in ChatGPT among others, Embed ChatGPT in the Bing search engine.

The speed with which ChatGPT has become a number one name in tech news over the past couple of months has left some fundamental questions in mind. Check out the most frequently asked questions about the service below.

ChatGPT is a specialized text generation chatbot system, created by the company Open AIcreated before Elon Musk (He left the company in 2015). The system is an example Generative artificial intelligence, algorithmic models capable of creating original content, such as text and images, from simple text commands. This ushered in a new era in the field of artificial intelligence, which now sees algorithms creating information rather than just consuming it.

ChatGPT uses the gpt (short for Generative transformers are pre-trained), a language model also from OpenAI that has been trained on large text datasets and is capable of generating coherent and complete scripts – the third generation of the model, GPT-3 It has already drawn attention for his ability.

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To be able to perform all these functions, GPT-3 was trained with millions of texts, from Wikipedia articles to posts on social networks – in the end, the system recorded 175 billion parameters (mathematical representations of text styles and types).

ChatGPT uses an updated version of this “brain”, GPT-3.5, but its main advance has been to provide a simple interface, where users can maintain objective and simple interactions with the device through a chat window. By eliminating any need for programming or technical expertise, ChatGPT democratizes access to technology.

To use ChatGPT, you only need to access OpenAI website And register with your email. When you finish registering, the page will automatically load to the ChatGPT page, where you can access the service (plus a tutorial on how to use it).

When accessing the chat, it is possible to craft simple command phrases for the AI ​​to produce the content – it is possible to do everything in Portuguese. For example, you might ask, “Prepare an itinerary in Paris in the summer,” or “Organize topics with tips to make your home more comfortable.”

If the result is still the way you want it is useful to craft and send more command phrases during the dialogue to improve the content.

It continues after the announcement

As in the testing phase, ChatGPT is free. However, it is possible that there is a shipped version, some kind of “ChatGPT ProfessionalSome users She mentioned that she is already subscribed to this new version. The new version will prioritize new features, faster responses, and more stable access to the site.

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Although not confirmed, OpenAI stated at the beginning of the month that it was considering Sell ​​premium version of the corporate tool. The idea would be to “ensure the long-term survival of the system”.

What can ChatGPT do?

The system currently offers 49 jobs. Artificial intelligence is capable of generating complex texts on any topic, as well as generating recipes, stories, slogans, making summaries, performing mathematical calculations, grammar checks, translations, and even creating images.

In addition to creating content, chatting with AI makes it possible to develop a complex conversation with the system as if there were a person on the other side of the screen. The ability to give direct answers, as opposed to indexing indexed pages, is what comes as a warning to Google.

However, there are limitations to the tool. It was trained using data up to 2021 and, therefore, is unable to generate content and provide answers with real-time updated information. In addition, the system still produces incoherent responses, which go beyond reasoning, and biased responses, which reproduce the preferences and tendencies of the data used in training.

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