Changes with Spanish driving license in the United Kingdom

Changes with Spanish driving license in the United Kingdom

After Brexit, Spanish and British citizens face some doubts Driving license They need to be in circulation on their travels. Since the United Kingdom is no longer a member of the European Union, the same rules that existed before leaving the EU no longer apply. However, at least for now, The British authority That has to do with communication No changes For the purposes of Spanish drivers traveling there as spectators. They can continue to use their Spanish license without having to apply for the required international permits in many countries.

In the case Spanish residents In the UK, if you are under the age of 70 when you get a residence permit, They can drive constantly With a Spanish license until he reaches that age, according to a report produced by Race. When you are 70 years old, This Spanish permit must be transferred to a British one. It will only be required to fill out a form Payment of fees Related. There are An exception, This permission only applies if the Spanish license is obtained by transferring it to a country other than the EU For a year To be replaced by the English before that period.

There are many more Spanish students Settled in British territory. In this case, all students can drive with a Spanish license When in practice Student admission. If you need to renew your driver’s license, you can Do the process Across Spain.


The other case is students who do not have a Spanish driving license and want to get a British license. In this case, the limit for taking the exam and getting British admission is that the minimum stay as a student must be at least 185 days.

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In the case Tourists Those who travel with their vehicle, can do so without limits Allow rotation Spanish of the vehicle. If the driver’s license expires while staying in British territory, you can apply A British relocation Temporarily using a form.

However, anyone interested in a Spanish driver’s license and its application in the United Kingdom is advised to visit the page from the Spanish Consulate in London TVLA Company (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Company). In it you can find Complete information All necessary procedures related to different driving and rotation licenses.

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