Chancellor's protection is not beneficial to Manny Rijo

Chancellor's protection is not beneficial to Manny Rijo

From Schwing's perspective, it doesn't make sense for Manny to want to separate her image from Davey's — if she was the one who benefited from his BBB exposure specifically. “It's impossible to make that separation – Manny on one side, Davey on the other. Manny was Daffy's friend and that's why she became known. If she hadn't been Daffy's partner, we might never have known who she was.”

Rodrigo Boccardi needs to learn how to control his mood on TV

Diguinho Xuing and Liao Lobo disagreed over the alleged insolence of Rodrigo Boccardi, 48, against Sabrina Simonato, 39, at the Bom Día São Paulo (Globo) platform.

Liao Lobo believes that the broadcaster's supposed “pranks” are actually nothing more than innocent “jokes” with his colleague. “Boccardi has a bad temper [próprio] Because of his personality, he says things in a somewhat rustic way – but it's all just a joke. It's a very interesting and very funny interaction. They think he's aggressive, but he's not.”

However, Diginio realizes that sometimes it is not clear where Rodrigo's sarcasm ends and real hostility begins. “It's great when it's obvious that it is [apenas] joke. [Mas] in some cases, [suposta] The joke leaves room for interpretation that it is, in fact, a rebuke. Boccardi needs to address his lack of patience and manage it better – he's not home after all. “He's on Globo and he's doing a show.”

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