Who is Fly's ex-husband accused of threatening the former BBB?

Who is Fly's ex-husband accused of threatening the former BBB?

Fly spoke about a sensitive relationship with his ex-wife.

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Fly He surprised his followers on Monday night (08) by opening a broadcast on his personal page on Instagram to report a case of… The sensitive drama that was going on.

Previous participant in BBB She said that his son's father, Jonathan Ricart PereiraHe threatened her and heard from him that there is no law, person or judge who can prevent him from seeing the heir.

The singer explained that she does not like to reveal her private life on the Internet, but she has reached a time when she needs to confront it and fears for her life:

The situation is as follows: I'm raising my son alone, you know.“When he was one year old, I decided to separate from his father because I didn’t want my son to witness what I went through at home.”

The influencer said that her ex-husband never paid Bernardo anything and that he received threats, stressing that if something happened in his life, everything that happened should be recorded.

Fly reveals everything he's going through with his ex-wife

I know the beats, I know the Totally awesome personImpulsive, out of control. I just called his mother to tell her. No man has ever been born on this earth to threaten me, and I will remain silent and afraid.“, he added.

Fly also said that she is not afraid and that this is very clear, but she wants to protect her son's rights in case something happens to her.

Still Breathing, Former Reality Show Inmate Earth He explained that he has audio recordings that prove what his ex-wife said, and that he even submitted an official request to the court to set boundaries in the family relationship between them.

paying off:

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