Chamber approves project that changes the rules of Pronampe and guarantees resources until the end of 2024 | Policy

Chamber approves project that changes the rules of Pronampe and guarantees resources until the end of 2024 |  Policy

The Parliament On Tuesday (12) it approved a bill changing the rules of the National Support Program for Small and Micro Business (Pronampe) and guaranteeing loans to program participants until the end of 2024.

Pronampe is a program that provides loans to small businesses with lower interest rates and longer term to start payments. It was created in May 2020 to help entrepreneurs cope with the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. In June last year, a law was passed that makes permanent program.

Government resumes Pronampe – loan program for micro and small businesses

Banks participating in the program are guaranteed against default through the Operations Guarantee Fund (FGO). However, the current legislation provides for granting FGO-secured credit only until the end of 2021.

The project approved by the Chamber on Tuesday (12) guarantees the return of the Operations Guarantee Fund resources only in 2025. In practice, it guarantees, until the end of 2024, loans to micro and small businesses. The text goes to analyze Senate.

“Pronampe is a program to encourage Brazilian small and micro companies, which currently need resources so that investments can be made, including debt repayment related to the pandemic period,” said the matter’s rapporteur in the chamber. Marcello Bertioli (PSD-SP).

The apparatus criticized some opposition deputies, considering it “alien to the text.”

“The revenue limit for companies benefiting from the Public Electricity Corporation has been expanded. We are not talking about a guarantee fund, but there is a strange introduction to the text, which is the Center’s amendment to the income adjustment, including Representative Erika Kokai (PT-DF), who was in favor of the rest of the proposal,” said Representative Erika Kokai (PT-DF). , “medium size. I would say it is a strange matter to the text.”

The parliamentarian said: “But it is not logical to take advantage of a proposal submitted by small and micro companies to expand a proposal.”

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