Cauão Reymond causes problems at the end of Terra e Paixão and postpones “Freedom” TV News

Cauão Reymond causes problems at the end of Terra e Paixão and postpones “Freedom” TV News

The registration of Terra e Paixão was supposed to end this Saturday (13), after almost a year. But the actors' farewell party was postponed due to rain. Qua Raymond, the translator of the protagonist Kayo, faced the problem that the production faced before filming the final scene of Globo at 9 o'clock.

On his Instagram Stories, he shared with his nearly 15 million followers that work was disrupted by rain in Rio de Janeiro this afternoon — and shortly after, he deleted the post.

The post showed Raymond alongside actors Mapu Huni Kuin (Raoni) and Daniel Munduruku (Jurecê) in a cast support structure in the series' scenic city. The three were in a covered area away from the rain.

“Today is tough,” Honey Quinn admitted. Then Raymond turned to Munduruku and joked that the shaman would do something to stop the rain. “I communicate with spirits,” the actor joked in his wise Jurecê accent.

On Saturday evening, he published a new story in which he revealed that the end of work had been postponed until Monday (15). “Hey guys, how are you? So, today wasn't the last day to register, it's raining a lot outside. We'll be back on Monday.” [15]. And that's it!

“Today the rain gods didn't help us much, no. We came back on Monday. We won't be able to celebrate the end of the work yet, but we will celebrate on Monday. Even the shaman couldn't fix it.” “That's because the rain hasn't stopped, no,” he said, laughing.

On his social network profile, Daniel Munduruku also posted a video of the rain and hinted that the final recordings had to be postponed due to the storm at Estúdios Globo.

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“We were hoping it would all be over today, but it looks like the rain won't let that happen. Look! And look at people's sad faces, everyone is shaken up here,” he said, showing Honey Quinn, Barbara Rees (Allen) and producer Andrea Mattar waiting by her side.

Previously, Barbara Reis had already shared a video in which she said goodbye to her first heroine on television. “Today is the last day, and I don't even know what I feel. I don't know if I feel like crying, not now. I don't know if I feel like crying, maybe. Maybe. I'll let these feelings get the best of me,” she began in the stories.

“All I know is that it's the last day, and I can't believe it. Because everything has been so tense, everything has been like this day after day, everything has been like this every day, that I find it hard to believe it. It's hard to believe it considering From Monday onwards [15]I will no longer be here, I will no longer live Allen's story, and I will no longer tell you this story. He hasn't settled down yet, so I'm here living my life,” concluded the girl’s translator.

Terra e Paixão, written by Walcyr Carrasco and Thelma Guedes, has entered the final stage and the final chapter is scheduled to take place on the 19th. The plot will be replaced by a remake of Renascer (1993) on January 22.

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