Cases of osteoarthritis are rising worldwide. See how to prevent the disease

Cases of osteoarthritis are rising worldwide.  See how to prevent the disease

“However, we often find radiographic signs of the disease in patients who do not have symptoms,” says rheumatologist Flavia Alexandra Guerrero, MD, of Israelita Albert Einstein Hospital. “Osteoarthritis is caused by an imbalance in the process of cartilage degradation and repair, which involves mechanical, genetic, hormonal, bone and metabolic factors,” explains the doctor.

This disease is generally associated with aging, although it affects many younger people, but it is more common in joints that support more weight, such as those in the feet, hips, spine and knees, which are the main target. Your treatment varies depending on the severity of the condition.

In mild to moderate cases, the main goal is to control pain and inflammation and improve mobility. In patients with more advanced disease, joint replacement surgery may be indicated. tires Cortelazoa doctor specializing in the treatment of knee injuries and sports trauma

He also points out that the fight against this disease has evolved through the development of materials that protect joints from friction, such as hyaluronic acid, and custom prosthetics.

Lifestyle change

It is very important to perform non-pharmacological interventions so that the condition does not progress. “They range from patient awareness and education regarding factors that aggravate this process, which involves treating obesity, performing controlled physical exercises, correcting certain changes, such as tendinopathy (a condition caused by degeneration or injury of tendons) and other structural injuries, to Joint protection measures and use of orthotics when necessary,” explains the Einstein rheumatologist.

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