SMS Betim Competition 2024: 1,341 vacancies in the healthcare field with high salaries!

SMS Betim Competition 2024: 1,341 vacancies in the healthcare field with high salaries!

The Municipal Health Department of Betim, in the state of Minas Gerais, has launched a new notification promising great opportunities for health workers. With a total of 1,341 vacancies, the SMS Betim competition stands out as an excellent opportunity for those looking for stability and professional development. The salaries offered range from R$1,345.00 to R$8,773.38, covering positions at intermediate, technical and senior levels.

The selections will be organized by the Fumarc Committee and registration will be open from June 3 until July 2, 2024. To facilitate access to information and prepare candidates, we detail below the main points of this much-anticipated event in the municipality of Betim.

How to prepare for Betim SMS Contest?

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Expect Prepare you by studying the main subjects that make up the tests. Organizing a study schedule that extensively addresses the areas of knowledge required in the notice. Portuguese language, legislation, public health and specific knowledge Essential for good performance.

What jobs are available?

At the secondary and technical levels, vacant positions vary between positions such as nursing technician, pharmacy assistant, and laboratory technician. For professionals with higher education, opportunities are available for biochemists, nurses, doctors, and others. With such a wide list of options, it is essential that interested parties review the notice specifically for the field in which they wish to compete.

What is the competition calendar?

  • Registration: from 03/06 to 02/07/2024
  • Exemption from registration fees: from 03 to 05/06/2024
  • Payment of fees: until 03/07/2024
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Evaluation steps

Participants will be evaluated through an objective test to be held on August 4, 2024. Secondary and technical level candidates will face 40 questions, while higher level candidates will answer 50 questions. It is necessary to achieve at least 50% in general and not fail any subject in order to pass this stage.

Curriculum for study

  • Portuguese: Understanding and interpreting texts. Orthography; rules.
  • legislation: Standards applicable to public employees, Code of Professional Ethics.
  • Public Health: Unified Health System (SUS), health policies in Brazil.
  • Specific knowledge: Knowledge inherent in the desired position.

For higher level candidates, there will also be a qualifications test, which will act as a tie-breaker where professional experience and additional qualifications will be assessed.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to join a career in the public health sector. Don't waste your time and start preparing now for the SMS Betim contest. good luck!

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