Carolina Ferraz’s daughter gets married and her mother shows the photos

Carolina Ferraz’s daughter gets married and her mother shows the photos

Carolina Ferraz celebrates the wedding of her daughter Valentina Ferraz Cohen to an American

actress Carolina Ferraz She feels very happy about a new stage in her daughter’s life. Valentina Ferraz Cohen. The young woman married an American businessman Simran HusseinHe is an Indian heir, on October 11, 2023, in a civil ceremony in Malibu, California. The two were together for seven years and got engaged in October 2022.

Karolina showed off photos of the party and lunch to guests in an Instagram post. In the comment, she showed her pride in seeing her daughter take a new step in her personal life.

“My beautiful daughter got married a few days ago and I cannot describe my feelings in words… All joy to the newlyweds in this new stage of life. My heart will always be for you and your new starting family. I love you guys”She said.

Moreover, Carolina Ferraz told Colonna Play, from Jornal or Globo, that her daughter is planning a big wedding in 2024.They are still in doubt about whether they will do it in India or Brazil. But his friends there want him to be here, because they’ve never been here. They want to learn about Brazil, and they think this will be a great opportunity. we are waiting. Whatever they decided was fine with me. It will really be a party. Mixing Brazilian and Indian traditions. Call everyone“, He said.

It is worth noting that Valentina is the result of Carolina Ferraz’s previous relationship with the Italian Mario Cohen, from whom she separated in 1998. In addition to her, the presenter is also the mother of 8-year-old Isabel, the result of her previous relationship. With Doctor Marcelo Marins, whom she separated from in 2018.

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Carolina Ferraz is on Record TV

Nowadays, Carolina Ferraz is hired by Record TV and presents the show Amazing Sunday. Recently, she was the target of rumors that she might leave the station, but the Record’s press office denied everything.

In the letter, the Record’s communications team confirmed that Ferraz remains an employee and that she works as a CLT at the broadcaster. “Record TV is here to inform you that broadcaster Carolina Ferraz will remain at Domingo Espetacular. The information that the professional’s contract will expire at the end of the month is fictional. As everyone knows and has already been informed by the broadcaster’s press office on several occasions, Carolina is appointed under CLT system, therefore without a fixed term contract.They reported.

After that, the broadcaster reported that the presenter was receiving praise from behind the scenes of the channel. “It is also fiction and contrary to the standards of true journalism, a statement made without evidence that the broadcaster is dissatisfied with the broadcaster. On the contrary, Karolina has been praised and well evaluated by the company’s management and employees, and is always willing to take it out.” Takes out all suggested business Known for his professionalism throughout his career. “TV records respect for its employees and rejects remarks or ‘reports’ that belittle its employees.”They are finished.

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