Carol talks about pressure from fans and cries in the video

Carol talks about pressure from fans and cries in the video

Carol Portaluppi, daughter of coach Renato Gaucho, posted a series of stories on her Instagram account on Tuesday (9), in which she spoke about the state of her mental health.

Daughter of the current coach flamingo He has always been known to participate in a world football And to keep their social networks open for dialogue with fans and journalists.

However, the model appeared with teary eyes talking about the situations they’ve been through, alerting users to “very much pressure” on her:

“It’s a very important topic for me so please watch it and don’t skip it. I’m under a lot of pressure on the internet. I understand all the fans, all the fans, I grew up in the middle of Carol Portaluppi started football, I know it’s the joke and the pressure, it’s nothing new to me , but I feel a lot of pressure online.”

“I don’t want to stay away, because I work here on the Internet, but my mental health is not good, and I am a person like everyone else. I hope you don’t confuse things too much, you know ”Whenever we comment on anything, I think… I know we talk head-on Hot, but there’s a human being reading,” the model concluded, practically breaking out in tears.

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