2000 year old coins discovered in the UK

2000 year old coins discovered in the UK

A collection of 15 gold coins dating back more than 2,000 years has been discovered in Wales, UK, marking the first time this type of Iron Age artefact has been found in the region.

on statementThe Wells Museum refers to this discovery as a “treasure.” According to the foundation, the coins date to between 60 and 20 BC — or Before the Common Era (BCE), in academic parlance. On one side of each coin there is the god Apollo, while on the other side there is a horse surrounded by symbols.

The two faces of one of 15 ancient coins found in Wales. Credit: Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales

The items were located separately by three amateur treasure hunters equipped with metal detectors while searching a field on the Isle of Anglesey, during July 2021 and March 2022.

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Gold coins can help understand local history

The first five were found by friends Peter Cockton and Lloyd Roberts, while the other ten were discovered by Tim Watson. It also highlights the location Greek correspondentThis sequence of events demonstrates the importance of vigilant individuals in discovering and preserving valuable historical objects.

Following the discoveries, experts from the Gwynedd Archaeological Trust, a body linked to the Welsh Government, investigated the site to understand why the coins were there.

“This treasure is a wonderful example of the rich archaeological landscape found in northwest Wales,” Sean Derby, the organisation’s historical archaeologist, says in the release. “Although the immediate vicinity of the find has not provided any clues about its origin, the site is located in an area known for prehistoric Roman activity, and helps further our understanding of this area.”

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According to the analysis, the coins were used by the Kuriltavi, a group that lived in the area now known as the East Central Isles of England during the Iron Age. Coins were probably not used as money, but rather as “gifts between elites to secure alliances” or as offerings to the gods.

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