Carol Konka says he’s no longer the proud person of BBB 21

Carol Konka says he's no longer the proud person of BBB 21

Deleted from “BBB 21 inches larger Actually show the date rejection rateCarole Konka stated that the experience in confinement made her review life concepts and ensured that she was no longer a “cool” person.

In her participation in the “RedeBBB” award on TV Globo, the singer said that she was hesitant to sing in the final of the program, but decided to face the fear head on. He took the opportunity to release the song “Dilúvio”..

I was a little resistant. I thought I never had to show up again. Like, I’m a shame. I never gave up, it just doesn’t work for me. So, I turned pain into an art and sang there.

The former sister, who was knocked out at the 4th Wall of the 21st session with 99.17% of the audience vote, says she was afraid of a crying crisis at the meeting with the 19 participants.

I thought I would cry. I’ve been crying a lot lately. I’m out of tune, because I wanted to cry.

Carroll also made sure to warn fans that he was no longer the same person who joined “Big Brother Brasil” at the start of the season.

Pride no longer matches my looks.

The page turned

Karol Conká is negatively featured in “Big Brother Brasil 21” due to disputes with Lucas Penteado, but everything is really a part of the past and the ex-brother is the guarantor. During the Multishow “A Eliminação” program, he was The actor revealed that he forgave the singer And he decided to move on with his life without any pain.

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I think this BBB has communicated to the population that the artist also has the right to be human. Humans also make mistakes, you know? And making mistakes is part of that game. The most fun part about BBB is watching people go there and be human.

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