Carol Castro reveals the true story of the belly tattoo

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Carol Casto He opened the game and revealed the story of his tribal belly tattoo, in an interview with broadcaster Thais Fersoza’s YouTube channel.

Body art was very successful at the beginning of his artistic career Bruno Cabrezzo’s girlfriend, as a result of the bullying and suffering she faced throughout her life. “I say I started tattooing early and stopped early, because I don’t do anymore”The 37-year-old actress started.


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I lived my childhood in Natal [Rio Grande do Norte]. After my mother separated from my father, she went there to start her life over. I stayed there for six years, but I went to Rio back and forth several times to live with my parents (…) There was a whole problem with alimony, financial problems, I saw that it was hard for my mother to keep me there in Natal (…) and it was crazy On the one hand “, Carol Castro said.

Carol Castro revealed that when she moved to Bauru in Sao Paulo, she ended up joining a skating group, and suffered bullying from girls. “There was a group of girls with their boss Carol Methanol, all tattooed. A gang wanted to beat me up. They knew where I lived, made phone calls, and once locked me in the street… I was bullied so crazy. And then, in an act of rebellion, my age was 14 years old already, I wanted to make a dragon that goes from the back to the thigh. But I had no money. I had already come to Rio to work a few weekends, so I collected money and got a tattoo. That was more or less. There is a reason, you know Wasn’t it out of nowhere?” She said.

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The actress said that she is still considering removing the tattoo. “I’ve already thought, and reconsidered… I still have this dilemma. I’m also afraid the outcome will go wrong. Not that I don’t like my tattoos.‘, she said.

Carol Castro (Photo: clone/Instagram)

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