BBB22: Jade Picon reveals details of the kiss with Paulo Andre, says if there were chances to advance to the finals; He watches

BBB22: Jade Picon reveals details of the kiss with Paulo Andre, says if there were chances to advance to the finals;  He watches

As the vision says: Let it happen naturally! ha ha ha Jade Bacon And Paulo Andre Finally make the audience happy and Exchange of kisses and caresses This Saturday morning (12). The beginning of the novel, which had repercussions inside and outside the home, ended with the curiosity of the inmates, and Jade detailed it all.

Combined in the most viewed home garden in Brazil, Tiago AbravanelAnd Lyn da Quebradhey Jiseilan I decided to provoke the sister by asking her about the relationship. “Silly, people keep secrets inside the same house, and all of Brazil will know about it?” , He shot Lina Lagide, who couldn’t contain her smile, even though it was embarrassing.

“For God’s sake, we got out of the room together today, as you saw. I thought it was obvious.” Leader of the week summoned. “hand by hand?” , He questioned the singer in a funny tone. “I also came out of the room with Tiago and didn’t even kiss him!” , Lynn shouted. “A little affectionate bed, a practical start”, Silvio Santos’ grandson added.

“It was a kiss and that’s it, I won’t do any more here. For the love of Jesus” Jade said, making it very clear that she has no plans to join Big Brother Brazil’s “Clube do Edredom” and make her co-stars laugh. “It’s not on my to-do list here,” content. “Make love in front of the whole of Brazil? Check!”, Lina fired.

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Then the influencer decided to explain how everything happened between her and the athlete. “It was crazy. It was really cool, because I put a song and stuff on, and then I turned off the light in the room. And then we lay down and suddenly, out of nowhere, all the lights come on, the giant screen lights up. That’s it, it’s funny, it’s a weird feeling, because you’re with the person and all Brazil is like: “Oh”, Commander commented.

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“Brazil went crazy at that moment!” , James joked. I guess they must have been like, ‘Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa There’ Lynn sang. After that, the young woman assured her friends that everything happened “as it should have happened.” “That’s it, girl, acted”, Praise the singer. paying off:

pure chemistry

Jade and PA kiss in Leader’s bedroom, after a night of courtship and weeks of “rain and it didn’t get wet”. More so, they warmed the quilt well and slept together in the commander’s room. The chemistry between them is really undeniable, right?!

During the party, the couple had already given indications that something could happen, but they left only the two brothers with taste. When she decided to leave the outdoor area, she invited the sports influencer to go with her, because she would be alone in the leader’s room. At one point, when the PA threatened to leave, Good pulled it off and it was – literally – the push they both needed. He watches:

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