Carmo Dalla Vecchia speaks for the first time about her husband, novelist Joao Emmanuel Carneiro

Carmo Dalla Veccia and Joao Emmanuel Carneiro

Carmo Dalla Vecchia, 50, has spoken publicly for the first time about her sexual orientation. During this Sunday’s “celebrity dance”, presented by Thiago Levert, he sent a kiss to her husband, Joao, without giving many details of his identity. The actor, on air in Império, is referring to João Emanuel Carneiro, 51, author of hit series like “Avenida Brasil”, “A Favorita” and “Dar Cor do Sin”.

The two have been married for 13 years, and have a son, Pedro, but they haven’t talked about their relationship in an interview or posted pictures together.

“I would like to send a big kiss and declare my love to my son, Pedro, to my husband Joao. I would very much like to declare this love to both of them and I think this attitude is very important, so that other people can also see and feel it,” Carmo said, before starting to dance. equal”.

“I am a very happy, very accomplished man, with a profession that I love to do, with friends, with a family that accepts me just as I am. But we live in a country that doesn’t have to be like that, so if my model can help to help others, to have that representation, I am happy Too much for being that person,” he continued.

Carmo Dalla Veccia and Joao Emmanuel Carneiro Photo: Photo Rio News / Edson Teófilo

Joao Emmanuel Carneiro is the husband of Carmo Dalla Vecchia
Joao Emmanuel Carneiro is Carmo Dalla Vecchia’s husband. Photo: TV Globo

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