BBB 24: Yasmin Brunet talks about 'unfollowing' Rodriginho; He watches!

BBB 24: Yasmin Brunet talks about 'unfollowing' Rodriginho;  He watches!

BBB 24: Yasmin Brunet talks about 'unfollowing' Rodriginho; He watches! (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)

Dot the letters i! Yasmin Brunet spoke out about the rumor that she stopped following Rodrigueño on social media after being excluded from the “BBB 24” program. During her participation in the “Mesacast BBB” program on Thursday (14), model Bruno Rocha, our star, asked Hugo GlossOver the unfollow On a fellow reality show.

“I don't even know if I was following him, buddy. Was I?”– I wondered. Bruno later confirmed that they followed each other until he left the program. Then he asked if it wasn't his ex-sister who gave unfollow In bagodero on social media. “it was not me”, said the eliminated Woman of the Week. Watch the video below:

The rumor started after Yasmine participated in the “Mais Você” program and gave an interview with Ana Maria Braga. The broadcaster showed several controversial moments that caused repercussions outside the reality show, including a conversation between Rodriginho and other participants about her body.

Internet users quickly realized that the model was no longer following Rodrigueño. However, the model, who is still on the “MesaCast BBB” program, said that she was disturbed by the singer's speeches inside the most watched house in Brazil, and that she wanted to talk to him now that they were outside the sphere of TV Globo's attraction.

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