Andréa Sorvetão reveals that Xuxa rented an apartment and paid for her daughter’s school | Famous

Andréa Sorvetão reveals that Xuxa rented an apartment and paid for her daughter's school |  Famous
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Xuxa and Andrea Sorvetão

Andréa Sorvetão used to be close to Xuxa and reveals that she even received financial help from the Eternal Queen of Young Girls. The ex-Paqueta says that the announcer has loaned her an apartment to live with her family, but says that this relationship is not the same as it was since Controversy in the video he recorded with her husband, singer Conrado.

In the controversial post, Andrea and her husband asked for sponsorship because they are “a straight, Christian and traditional couple”. The video was the target of a lot of criticism on social media and Xuxa was going to cut off contact with ex paquita after that. “I didn’t expect this reaction from her. It was a shock. I hope we’ll meet one day and understand each other. If she had texted me the day we posted the video, I would have picked it up. But her message didn’t arrive until five days later, when it was already viral.” You didn’t send it to me, I sent it to the group of our oldest Paquitas. Until then, my record has not gone down,” says Survitau in an interview with journalist Rica Peroni’s YouTube channel.

The ex-Paqueta would not reveal what Xuxa said in the letter, but Conrado analyzes that the fight is motivated by politics. He is a vocal supporter of President Jair Bolsonaro, while the presenter is critical of the government. Even with this disagreement, the couple says that they do not feel resentment towards Sasha Mengele’s mother, because she has already helped them a lot.

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“We owe a lot to Xuxa. She helped us financially when we needed her, paid for our daughter’s school. She brought us back to Rio and put us in her apartment. The epidemic came, and we didn’t even have money to pay for her condominium. We stayed there for seven months and moved only because she painted an inherited property in Recreo.” And Xuxa signed a four-year contract, so you can see how generous she is. We left there so she could rent,” says Andrea Sorvetau.

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