canceled? Avengers 5, Blade, and more movies are disappearing from stage 4 of the MCU

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Plus, providing an epic ending for Infinity Saga in MCUAnd the The AvengersThe ultimatum showed the deaths of some of the most famous heroes and villains marvel. Fans have said goodbye to the characters who have filled the company’s movies for a decade.

The movie was the most successful of 2019, and the highest grossing movie of all time.

It continues after the announcement

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a marvel He recently released an updated schedule for the release of Phase 4, and many fans were surprised by the absence of previously promised projects. MCU.

But fans don’t need to lose their minds! The fact that the project was announced previously before marvel Not being on the Stage 4 schedule doesn’t mean the movie or series has been canceled – just that it should take longer to be released.

See below the “missing” projects from the new phase of MCU!

It has already been confirmed that Deadpool 3 will be staged in MCU, And this will also be the first movie in marvel Aimed at adults. Many details about the film have yet to be determined, and because of this, its absence in the new fourth stage schedule was felt.

The feature director has yet to be selected, but the Molyneux Sisters – known as Bob’s Burgers – have been hired as the screenwriter.

With the Thunderbolts team being suggested in Falcão and the Winter Soldier, many fans have been waiting for the movie or series to be confirmed by the team in Phase 4 of MCU. Unfortunately, that will not happen.

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Rumors suggest that Jelena Belova and the coach – of Black Widow – will be part of the squad. The leader, of course, will be John Walker from the Disney + series. So far, there are no clear plans to form the team in the fourth stage.

Fans also waited for confirmation The Avengers 5 in the new schedule marvel, Mainly due to Ultimato’s success in 2019. However, the absence of the project in the new calendar makes a lot of sense.

After spending decades processing stories The AvengersOh MCU The focus must now be on new characters, building new teams of heroes and expanding the multiverse. As a series of Secret Invasion produced by Disney +, The The Avengers He might return to the movies in the future.

code It was one of the most important ads marvel At the 2019 Comic-Con. Mahershala Ali has been selected to play the role of a vampire hunter, and Stacy Osei-Kuffour is expected to produce the script.

a marvel I am still looking for a project manager. Plot to live up to code In the comics and production of a movie that is able to satisfy the largest possible number of fans MCU, The company has postponed the premiere of the movie, which is only expected to arrive in theaters in 2023.

Some fans hope so marvel Include another Spider-Man movie in its release schedule, as well as the much-anticipated No Way Home movie, which will open in December 2021.

Until now, Sony usually releases Spider-Man singles every two years. This means Spider-Man 4 may hit theaters in 2023. But history may undergo further adjustments, according to the Fantastic Four reboot.

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