Gilles de Vigor upset by college students’ obsession: ‘Let them fight’

Gilles de Vigor upset by college students' obsession: 'Let them fight'

Lives in the United States to pursue a PhD in EconomicsGilles de Vigor was “angry” at his university classmates. the previous-BBB Talk about Americans’ habit of washing clothes outside the home.

In the place he frequents, there are three washing machines and three dryers, but many forget their clothes in the machines, thus laying down the lives of those who need to use them.

In the stories, he recounted the strategy he devised to wash his clothes. “People go and leave their clothes there. What did you do? I took things off and left them outside and left them fighting. I’m sure they’ll never forget.”

Gill also said that he records the running time of each machine, so he can quickly remove them, leaving free space for the next machines.

“I’ve been wanting to wash my clothes since Monday. Today is Saturday. People here have to understand that it’s not Joanna’s mother’s house,” said the former participant in “BBB 21A little later, he showed that his ‘method’ is working.

“Look? Everything is going well. Everyone is organised,” Gilles de Vigor said, explaining that all the washing machines are working fine.

“When he sees the clothes outside, he picks them up. He has to teach the kids.”

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