Canada and the United Kingdom have joined forces to boycott China’s Winter Games

Canada and the United Kingdom have joined forces to boycott China's Winter Games

The United Kingdom on Wednesday announced a diplomatic boycott of the 2022 Winter Games in China, along with the United States, Canada and Australia.

Last Monday the White House announced that US officials would not attend the event, although it did not bar athletes from participating in the delegation. Many of the violations of the government’s international human rights treaty in Beijing are motivated by what the government classifies as “atrocities.”

“The Beijing Games will effectively be ignored. No minister or official will attend, “said Boris Johnson, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

“I do not think sports boycotts are wise, it is the policy of the government,” he added.

News agency Reuters China has said it has not called on British ministers.

“The Beijing Winter Olympics is a gathering of Olympic athletes and winter sports enthusiasts from all over the world, not a tool for political manipulation of any country,” a Chinese embassy spokesman said.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today announced that Canada will join the boycott.

“Many allies around the world are deeply concerned about repeated human rights abuses by the Chinese government. That is why we announced today that we will not send any diplomatic representation to the Beijing Olympics, ”the Canadian prime minister told a news conference.

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