Can we develop food allergies as adults, like actress Jennifer Nascimento?

Can we develop food allergies as adults, like actress Jennifer Nascimento?

actress Jennifer Nascimento I used social media to work Alert your followers. She had cHigh sensitivity after Eat lobster In a restaurant, even It's not the first time you've eaten. She appeared in a video in her Instagram stories, with… The face is swollen and practically unrecognizable.

The actress explained in her report that she always used to eat seafood, even during her daughter's pregnancy. This was the first time she had eaten this type of food since her birth in December 2023.

Coordinator of the Scientific Section of Food Allergy at the Brazilian Society of Allergy and Immunology (ASBAI), Dr. Lucila Lopez de Camargo, explains that food allergies most commonly appear in childhood, but they may appear for the first time at other stages of life. Life: “Shellfish allergy is an allergy that often begins in adulthood.”

This allergy can manifest itself in different ways, from itching in the mouth to more serious symptoms, such as swelling and respiratory impairment: “The onset of these symptoms usually occurs within two hours after ingestion,” explains Dr. Lucilla.

The doctor says that anyone with an allergy to lobster may have a reaction when eating other types of crustaceans, such as shrimp: “The chance of cross-reactivity depends on the similarity of the proteins from the sources in question. Shrimp proteins in general are very similar to lobster and can To be recognized by the defense system as equal.”

Regarding the relationship between pregnancy and possible new allergies, the coordinator explains that despite the profound physiological and hormonal changes caused by pregnancy, there is still no conclusive study proving this connection.

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If you suspect an allergy or are already suffering from an allergic reaction to food, the doctor advises the public to consult an allergist: “The doctor will prescribe a personalized action plan, with medications to always carry, and train the patient and his family members to deal with this problem.” Identify the reaction and measures to be taken in the face of various offers.

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