Can the UK join the “new European political community”? Macron starts the idea

Can the UK join the "new European political community"?  Macron starts the idea

French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday considered that the United Kingdom could guarantee “its full place in the new European political community”, which aims to welcome countries that are not part of the European Union.

The French leader declared that the new organization was “perhaps a means of finding stability with countries such as the United Kingdom, which has decided to leave our EU, but can take its full place in this political community.” During a press conference in Berlin with German Chancellor Olaf Scholes.

In response to this proposal, Scholes saw Macron’s idea of ​​developing a “European political community” that would welcome the United Kingdom or Ukraine as “very interesting.”

“I have to say frankly that this is a very interesting project,” the German leader announced during a general press conference.

Earlier, before the European Parliament, Macron proposed this new company in Strasbourg (eastern France), especially for Ukraine.

“The EU, given the scale of its integration, cannot be the only way to build the European continent in the short term,” Macron stressed during an act marking the end of the conference’s work for the future of Europe. , Launched a year ago on its own initiative.

Macron pointed out that Ukraine is “already a member of our Europe through its struggle and its courage, our family at heart”, but we all know that realism is needed and that the process of inclusion. [à UE] It will take many years, in fact many decades.

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