Campos Neto wraps himself in the rope that he himself gave to Lola

Campos Neto wraps himself in the rope that he himself gave to Lola

The difference with regard to the attacks he has been launching against Campos Neto since he took office is that Lula is now wrapping a rope around the neck of the head of the Central Bank that was provided by Campos Neto himself. Josias de Souza, UOL columnist

Josias criticized the rapprochement between Campos Neto and opposition members such as When participating in a dinner alongside the Governor of São Paulo, Tarcisio de Freitas (Republicans). For the columnist, this kind of connection does not match the independent character of BC.

The head of the central bank forgot this behavior when he happily indulged in these Bolsonian celebrations regarding his management and performance. This fraternization with political opponents of the current President of the Republic is not commensurate with the duties of an independent President of the BC.

Lola knows very well how to explore these episodes and quickly affixes a seal to Campos Neto. Sergio Moro, who abandoned the 13th Court of Curitiba in favor of Bolsonaro's Ministry of Justice. He attaches the same anti-republican stamp to Campos Neto. Josias de Souza, UOL columnist

Josias believes that Lula needs to realize that there are other areas in his government that need adjustments, such as the union budget.

Lola's behavior could backfire if he really believed what he said. Clearly, British Columbia isn't the only thing that can't be adjusted in the country. There are a lot of things, including national accounts. The president will need to amend it and make the budget fit the financial structure approved under his government.

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