Campo Grande is racing against time to begin vaccination against dengue fever on Sunday – the capital

Campo Grande is racing against time to begin vaccination against dengue fever on Sunday – the capital

The beginning should be in Los Angeles, the Northwest, the Central West, the industrial core area, Paraty and Rita Vieira

Qdenga shipment arrives at SES Immunization Coordination. (Photo: Isabella Cavalcanti)

With the Qdenga vaccine arriving in Mato Grosso do Sul, now is the time to rush to start immunization as quickly as possible. The municipality of Campo Grande has received 24,639 doses and is ensuring it is finalizing work planning, with vaccinations expected to begin tomorrow.

The idea in Campo Grande is to start vaccination in health units in areas with high infection rates. Los Angeles, Noróste, Centro Oeste, Nucleo Industrial, Paraty, Nova Campo Grande and Rita Vieira are considered high-risk neighborhoods.

There is only a little left in the shipment to reach the total number of people in the target audience for this first phase of immunization, which is children aged 10-11 years. This group alone includes about 28 thousand people, a difference of less than 4 thousand doses compared to what was sent this Saturday (10).

The vaccination schedule includes taking two doses, 3 months apart. The correct date, times and vaccination points in Campo Grande should be announced by tomorrow.

State plan – The state of Mato Grosso do Sul received 69,570 doses of Codinga on Saturday to begin immunization against dengue in 76 municipalities in the state. The shipment is at the SES (State Department of Health) warehouse and at 1pm its collection by the city councils begins.

Previously, the forecast was 42,740 doses, but nearly 27,000 additional doses came from the Ministry of Health, and the vaccine was sent on two commercial flights. The first brought the initial number and the second came with additions totaling 26,830 doses.

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It will be up to the municipal administrations to announce the start date and specific schedule for vaccination.

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