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Belo Horizonte, March 13 – vegetables They have a difference in colour, but does this change the health benefits they bring? Do you usually buy it light or dark? Have you ever stopped to think about it? Given that the production and consumption of these foods focus on Ministry of Health, A competent body has clear guidelines to ensure quality for the consumer. Today, the my pet blog, Give go paper, This will help you learn more about the colors of vegetables. After all, you may choose the wrong one!

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Moreover, it is important to know Appropriate amount of vegetables and fruits For daily consumption, as reported by journalist Priscilla Carvalho on the UOL website, on 03/24/2021.

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Does color affect health? – the canvas

Are vegetables different from each other?

First, know that it is. The difference between light and dark vegetables is exactly their nutritional composition. Therefore, for each peculiarity, there are vegetables that you should choose. So, see below the best options according to your food idea.

See the list to help you!

In this way, all vegetables are rich in nutrients. Be it dark or light! Well, let’s show you a few options of each type, shall we? Some even play the role of calming your body and even you!

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Starting with dark greens

In this sense, dark green vegetables tend to contain more vitamins, including iron. Both are good, whether light or dark. Let’s take a look at some of the darkest ones. Starting with cabbage, in addition to containing a high percentage of iron, it contains fiber, calcium and magnesium. Spinach also has anti-inflammatory action.

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Additionally, dandelion helps promote more efficient bowel function. Finally, watercress has digestive actions, and is ideal for those who want to improve digestion while feeding.

And what made it clear?

So, in the case of dull greens, we have the most famous lettuce! It is responsible for calming the body. Cabbage contains vitamins A, E, and K. In addition, it has benefits for the central nervous system. However, little is known about escarol, which helps in weight loss. All very well, don’t you think?

Always remember that the important thing is to eat vegetablesThe options are just for you to find yourself better at choosing. And so on? Did you know all this about vegetables? Tell us below!

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