Camila De Lucas speaks after controversy with ‘TV Fama’: ‘The new meme’ | Famous

Camila De Lucas speaks after controversy with 'TV Fama': 'The new meme' |  Famous

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Posted on 10/22/2021 16:36 | Updated 10/22/2021 4:46 PM

RIO – Camila de Lucas captivated her followers on Friday (22) when she commented on her “TV Fama” controversy via RedeTV!. The runner-up in “BBB21” decided to face the situation with humor afterwards Program director Roberto Martins criticizes influencer for refusing to give an interview For an attractive reporter.

On Thursday night, presenter Alinne Prado showed her TV Fama profile on Instagram, and did not follow her ex-sister live. Goodbye, Camila de Lucas! He said. In response, the influencer tweeted, “Went from ‘Here she comes, Camila de Lucas’ to ‘Goodbye, Camila de Lucas!’ New Mimi!” “BBB”.

The conflict between the presenter of “The Masked Singer” and a celebrity news program began with the launch of the “Tropical Creativity” series. The former “BBB21” reportedly refused to speak to journalist Carola Jigou for opposing the series’ editorial line. During the “TV Fama” show, Friday, Aline Prado defended the car, accusing the influencer of disrespecting the journalist who was present at the event.

“Let’s agree here, it’s a fair exchange. After all, we produce content and offer free media. Several times we praise accomplishments, including Camila de Lucas. The influencer and former BBB don’t commit to speaking to the show that she didn’t,” said the presenter. I like, but to be treated professional, to completely ignore her presence, is overkill.”

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