Camila De Lucas Blows Up Globo After BBB22 Show Error

Camila De Lucas Blows Up Globo After BBB22 Show Error

Digital influencer and exsister BBB21 فعل verb Lucas stretcher, used social media to express his disappointment with Rede Globo. After stating that the influencer will replace Vivian Amorim in the presentations for “BBB – A Eliminação”, The radio said it was false information and confirmed in a new statement that Anna Clara is in the vacant position.

Change did not leave impact Very happy, he went to social networks to vent about what happened. In it, she wrote, “I remember the worst time of my life was in high school when I struggled to be accepted by people in the class.” Follow no Twitter.

De Lucas will replace Amorim, who is pregnant and will not be able to host the show in 2022. Together with Bruno de Luca, Camila will be responsible for interviewing those who have been excluded from the next edition of Big Brother Brasil, whose opening date has been scheduled. On January 17th.

Alleging a communication error, the station issued a note through the press office that Anna Clara – who already runs two more programs on the TV channel – will fill the vacant seat for Vivian. Camila expressed her annoyance online.

a look:

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