Calabresa denounced the director after being cut off from the program

Calabresa denounced the director after being cut off from the program

Before To denounce Marcius Melhem for sexual harassment, Danny Calabresa It was cut from a new show on Globo, “Fora de Hora”. This would be one of the points where the comedian would have started to resent the former director.

In March 2019, the new humorous project began. The program that was making fun of the news was very similar to “Furo MTV”, presented by Calabresa and Pinto Ribeiro on the music station, between 2009 and 2013. It was at this time that the comedian became famous.

Witnesses heard by the column said that Calabresa showed a lot of dissatisfaction with the direction of the program’s creation, as “Melhem ended up turning the project into something very far from the original”. Another annoyance was the news that she would present the attraction with Paulo Vieira, not Ribeiro.

Pepperoni (left) while reading “Fora de Hora”

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Some team members even threatened to leave the project if Calabresa continued. Then Melhem warned that the comedian was out of plans, and Renata Gaspar filled the vacant position.

In September 2019, Globo management approved “Fora de Hora”. According to the authors who participated in the project, the actress’ relationship with Melhem has since taken a bad turn. after few days , Calabresa went to the DAA (Department of Technical Development and Monitoring) and accused him of moral harassment.

In October, Melhem wrote to her saying he was sorry she stayed out of the humor. At the end of November, when she learned that she was not appearing in the year-end comedy special either (“A Gente Riu Assim”), she returned to the DAA to also report him for sexual harassment.

“Fora de Hora” was shown on the air in the first quarter of 2020 and closed, as well as the Globo comic core led by Melhem.

Another veto of Calabresa

In her testimony before the civil police, Calabresa also accused Melhem of moral harassment and prevented her from participating in two programs: she would have been called a prominent role in series Written by Miguel Falabella in 2015 and presenter on GNT in 2016.

On file are emails exchanged about invitations to Calabresa. In addition to Melhem, directors Mauricio Farias and Cenina de Paula, as well as Barbara Lavita and Monica Albuquerque, both from the DAA, were transcribed in letters.

Albuquerque claims that Calabresa accepted the role of Falabella in the series without speaking to anyone, because she was contacted directly by Cininha de Paula (“She’s wrong, it can’t be done”).

The one who objects to Calabresa’s participation in the programs is DAA, not Epic.

Emails show veto against Calabresa’s participation in series and program on GNT

the other side

He asked the column, attorney Antonio Carlos de Almeida Castro, who represents Calabresa, that he would not express himself “because The process continues in judicial secrecyOliveira Lima, Dal Acqua Advogados, Ticio Lens e Silva, Elidio Mora and Advogados Associates reported that “Marcius Melhem keeps saying that secrecy does not like him, that everything will be open, clear and transparent. But as long as there is secrecy, it will be respected.”

Globo has stated that it does not tolerate any form of harassment and has a code of ethics to be followed by all employees in all areas of the company. Likewise, it has an ombudsman ready to receive any reports of violations, which are carefully investigated, using all the evidence that compliance has access to. He also stated that he could not detail the investigation procedures, as they are internal and because confidentiality is guaranteed to the employees. The company said it also pledged to investigate, not comment on the findings, and take appropriate action.

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