Caixa says it has managed to reduce waiting lists at branches

Caixa says it has managed to reduce waiting lists at branches

Caixa Economics Federal I managed to drastically reduce the queues for Receive emergency aid. Who said this is the head of the bank, Pedro Guimaraes, during a live broadcast on YouTube on Thursday (6). Cleared doubts about benefit payments.

According to Guimarães, the comparison is with waiting lists recorded during last year’s aid payments. On that occasion, the federal government paid the allowances between April and December. In 2020, Brazil has already registered a lot of waiting lists on branch doors.

However, there is no official research or forecast to prove the bank president’s speech. In fact, even Pedro Guimaraes himself did not provide any concrete data to support this information. This leads us to believe, then, that the Caixa boss is making an assumption based on the news coming to him.

According to local newspapers, new emergency aid payments have registered queues in several cities across the country. In some cases, like Recife, Salvador, Rio de Janeiro, and São Paulo, for example, these lines are used to multiply blocks. People came to sleep in line.

In any case, the truth is that Caixa continues to ask people to avoid going to Caixa branches. This does not mean that these people cannot go to these physical points, but it does mean that they only need to go when it is really necessary.


Also according to the head of Caixa, the queues have decreased a lot due to the use of Caixa Tem app. It is true that people took this app last year, but now the president says more people are choosing to move money for it.

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According to Guimarães, this is important because, after all, it makes life easier for those in attendance, who need to speak every day with hundreds of people. According to sources from Caixa Econômica itself, about 70% of emergency aid recipients move aid money through the app.

However, the data also reveals that the other portion of the beneficiaries is still unable to do so. In such cases, these people have no other solution. They need to go to the bank so that they can withdraw money. Therefore, they should monitor the draw issue schedule so that they do not go on the wrong date.

Queues and gatherings

The waiting issue in banks usually raises discussions anytime, but the agenda is now much more contemporary. It turns out that the country is still suffering from the new Coronavirus pandemic. Analysts say this is the worst moment since the disease reached the country.

According to data from state health departments, Brazil has just passed 414,000 deaths, so the country is one of the countries hardest hit by the disease worldwide. Therefore, there is a concern of any kind of agglomeration.

If there is no other way and the recipient has to go to the bank, health experts strongly recommend the use of masks and alcohol gel. In addition, it is also important to try to keep the distance between other people to the maximum, not only in the bank’s queue but throughout the journey from home to branch and from branch to home.

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