A crowded and visibly dilapidated bus catches the eye in Florianopolis.

A crowded and visibly dilapidated bus catches the eye in Florianopolis.

This week, a photo of an Integrated Mobility System bus, on line 462 – Campeche, with an apparent alignment problem appeared online.

Consortium bus on Qatari; dealer says vehicles undergoing regular maintenance – Disclosure/ND

Bus Line 462 - Campeche - Divulgação/ND

Bus Line 462 – Campeche – Divulgação/ND

In the picture, the vehicle can be seen filled with passengers and heading in the direction of “Qatari”, last Saturday morning (29).

In contact with the consulting company Consórcio Fênix, the information provided is that “all buses undergo strict periodic maintenance” and that “the fleet occasionally has problems”.

watching video

Video of the bus that used the Campeche line, in Florianópolis; a car clearly swerved – Video: Disclosure/ND

The company also stated that “the vehicle was sent for maintenance immediately after the defect was discovered.”

The current fare in Florianópolis ranges between R$4.98 and R$6. There are approximately 8,000 trips per day, covering the entire available schedule.

Check out the note from Fênix Consortium

Regarding the misalignment of the vehicle in the video in question, Consórcio Fênix reports that the fleet is prone to problems. In this case, as in all cases, the vehicle is sent for maintenance as soon as the defect is detected. The Consortium It also enhances All buses undergo strict periodic maintenance.

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