Caixa launches a new FGTS draw amounting to R$3.4 million today (05/25)

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Unusual loot FGTS (Service Time Guarantee Fund) has a new release today Wednesday, May 25th. According to the Caixa Econômica federal calendar, people born in August are able to withdraw amounts up to R$1,000.

Funds of up to R$1,000 will be released in phases until June 15, when those born in December will receive it.

The value of the fund is deposited into a digital savings account used to pay Social Security benefits. Today the issuance takes place for 3.4 million workers, which represents a total value of R$2.4 billion.

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Where are FGTS amounts withdrawn?

First, it is important to note that fund values ​​can be transferred via the Caixa Tem app (available for Android and iOS operating systems), which allows the payment of family bills and virtual purchases at non-affiliated organizations.

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In addition, Caixa Tem also allows ATM withdrawals and transfers to third party accounts. In any case, the entire withdrawal request process is done in an automated manner.

In this way, the worker does not need to go to the Caixa branch, just enter the official FGTS application, available for smartphones and tablets, and enter the required data.

However, the operator must be careful. Although most workers are registered to receive funds automatically in a Caixa digital social savings account, there are situations, such as incomplete data, that do not allow the opening of the digital account. In this case, the worker will have to request the release of the resource.

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How to check your balance in FGTS

First, it is worth remembering that a consultation with the FGTS balance can now be carried out. For this, the worker can use the FGTS app or Caixa online banking.

Through the official application of the Guarantee Fund, the worker needs to download the application, choose “Register” and fill in all the required data:

  • CPF.
  • Full name;
  • date of Birth; And
  • E-mail.

Next, it is necessary to register a six-digit digital access password.

How do you get the values?

For a worker who has a digital savings account, the deposit will be made automatically by the federal government. Funds are issued 100% digitally via the Caixa Tem app (available for Android and IOS).

If you do not have a digital account, the bank will create a free account for the deposit. However, in some cases, there will not be enough information for the deposit, so it will be necessary to request a withdrawal directly in the FGTS application.

Finally, it is worth remembering that there is no obligation to withdraw the FGTS. Funds will be available to everyone, but those who do not want to ask for a refund to the fund account.

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Incoming payments for exceptional withdrawals

As mentioned earlier, those born from January to July already have values ​​in their calculations. So, there are five payments left for those born in the following months:

  • August: Receive today May 25th
  • September: received May 28
  • October: Receive the first of June
  • November: June 8 received
  • December: received June 15

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