Caio opens up about sex and chatting about popcorn on the occasion of the day

Caio opens up about sex and chatting about popcorn on the occasion of the day

Tuesday brothers inBBB 21 “was marked with lighter conversations, to let the tension before elimination a little aside. Caio talked about lack of sex, Thais talked about being on the wall and Joao gave his opinion about popcorn in the game.”

Kayo and abstinence from sex

BBB 21: Caio talks with Gilberto and Joao Luiz outside the house

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In a conversation with Jill, Joao Louise, and Arthur, Caio made bizarre confessions. After Jill gave a “groan” and interrogated himself, Caio revealed his “sexual appetite”, He says he hasn’t had sex for long since he was 13.

“It is dangerous to get pregnant and Ria [mulher dele] When I get out of here … what is concentrated here is not written. After I was 12 or 13, I’ve never been without. Kayo

Moments earlier, the leader of the week recorded his podcast talking about losing his family. He and his other colleagues expressed his belief that this was his greatest difficulty in confinement.

“The mixture of feeling, pain and nostalgia cuts my head a little. When it comes, at the same time I miss it.”. Kayo

Arthur reveals the strength of Karla’s fake wall

BBB 21: Arthur tells Cayo about the strength of Carla Diaz - Breed / Globoplay - Clone / Globoplay

BBB 21: Arthur tells Cayo about Carla Diaz’s strength

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The day was also marked by another inspiration. After strange days, Caio finally discovers the power that Carla Diaz has gained after returning from the false wall. Arthur told the farmer that The actress could object to the decision of an angel, and her friend was shocked.

Caio thought his sister could have immunized the transport worker, but the brother said he had no chance to go to the wall that week.

Actually Carla Only those who have been chosen to punish the beast or anyone who has obtained angel immunity can be challengedThe inability to choose who the angel would protect, as they both believed.

Brick and cool

BBB 21: Arthur Speaks in the Living Room - Reproduction / Globoplay - Reproduction / Globoplay

BBB 21: Arthur speaks in the living room

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Ex Carla Diaz, despite being on the week’s wall, spent talking about how calm he is with whatever result Thiago Levert announces tonight. In a conversation with Jill And later with Joao Luiz and Caillou, The crossover said he was “good,” even entering the hot seat for the fourth time. Then Caio had an insight:

“Funny that the people who were okay were. Whoever got nervous, left.” Kayo

Arthur told the brothers that he was still thinking about what he would say today live, but he did not want to tell any of them of his thoughts.

Drop the plug

BBB 21: Thais Fears As a Wall Result - cloning / Globoplay - cloning / Globoplay

BBB 21: Theis fears the wall

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Unlike one of your fortified opponents, Tice was distressed by the outcome of today’s vote. After sleeping for much of the day, Guyana asked Juliet for her views on the hot seat, revealing that she was sad about her behavior.

“I would be very sad if I left because I didn’t do anything today.” Thai

Juliet, on the other hand, told Thais that she was terrified of the day’s outcome due to her teammate’s actions, as she remembered “popcorn” in editions of Glamor Game. Despite this, Paraiba said she saw a scenario in which the dentist managed to stay in the game:

“Do you know what else can help you? Your shipment is with Fiuk. If you break the couple, the crowd is not happy,” Juliet assessed.

Joao does not like “bebucada”.

BBB 21: João Louise and Juliet talk about the Sea Wall Discord game - cloning / Globoplay - cloning / Globoplay

BBB 21: João Louise and Juliet talk about the game of discord and the wall

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The wall kept moving the house today. Juliet and Joao exchanged ideas about scraping more, and in the professor’s opinion, The “popcorn” in the game can damage the bricks.

“The audience knows what you say, what do you think. If you talk in the room that you do not like the person and you come to the game of temptation, you arrive and cannot talk … There are people who do not” I do not talk so that you do not bargain with people here, but you end up To commit yourself to the audience. I prefer to commit myself to the people here. “. Joao Louise

The two even tried to predict the outcome of tonight’s vote. Joao thinks Arthur or Phuk are leaving due to direct disagreements between the two.

Juliet says she hopes Arthur leaves because he’s crossfiteiro’s voting option. But the teacher tried to open his friend’s eyes: “Everything can change, Juliet.”

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