Grazi Massafera shows her daughter and sends a message to her ex-husband Cauã

Grazi Massafera shows her daughter and sends a message to her ex-husband Cauã

Grazi Massafera shares a sweet flick of her daughter Sofia and leaves a message for her ex

actress Thank you whistle She shared with fans a sweet flick of her nine-year-old daughter Sophia that charmed the web. On the record, Grazi proudly shows how charming the girl is when she appears in a beautiful photo session for a children’s clothing brand.

In the explanation of the post, Thank you whistle, all salivating the heiress, declares itself. “The greatest love in the world and beyond has a name! Sophia, thank you!” Mother Owl Melts, using a heart-shaped symbol, shows her love for her daughter.

Soon after the participation of the actress, friends and fans filled the famous feed with many praises for the girl. Nutritionist Luciano Bruno left his love: “Linda.” Blogger Renata Nya admired the beauty of a mother and daughter: “The daughter of a wonderful, wonderful woman.”

The fruit of Grazi’s relationship with the actor Kawa RaymondSophia, follows in her parents’ footsteps on her career and shines in another beautiful photo shoot as a model. It should be noted that Kawa and Grazie closely follow the career path of the girl. They are always seen melting together by the heiress.

The actor, who turned 42 on Friday (20 years old), has received sweet congratulations from his ex-wife on his social media. Thank you whistle “Congratulations Kawa, happy new cycle, good health, success and joys for your life,” she wrote in the caption of the post, wished the actress, who added several palm symbols to the post.

Cauã’s current wife, digital influencer, Mariana Goldfarb, made sure to post her declaration of love for her husband and didn’t leave the private history blank. She posted several clicks on the two together and made no secret of her admiration for the actor. My love, all the best, the most beautiful and the lightest is what I wish for you. I love you, ”Marina announced, in the caption of the post.

Instagram clone Grazi Massafera makes a beautiful tribute to Cauã Reymond

Grazi Massafera shows his daughter Sophia in a beautiful recording

Instagram clone Grazie Masafira and Koa’s daughter, Sophia, poses for a photo shoot

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