Bunker bought an iPhone worth 9000 Brazilian riyals and received cream boxes

Bunker bought an iPhone worth 9000 Brazilian riyals and received cream boxes

My bank bought Iphone Online, but instead of receiving the device, which cost about R$9,000, he had two boxes of cream on hand. The case took place in Mato Grosso do Sul.

The 51-year-old – who declined to be identified – stated that the order did not arrive on time for delivery. Details were told in an interview with G1. When it finally came, he was surprised by the weight of the box, which seemed to be more than just a phone.

“When I opened it, I saw that there were two boxes of cream,” he explained to G1.

The consumer also said that the online store Extra – the site where he made the purchase – blamed the carrier for the loss.

To get around the situation, the banker said the company promised a new delivery, this time, with a device chosen by the customer.

He had already made purchases through the site and was confident that the product would be delivered normally, as with other purchases.

Expectation × Reality

The application has been delivered to the workplace. Excited about the new acquisition, he talked to his colleagues in the profession about the new acquisition and everyone was waiting for the iPhone to arrive.

“When I opened the box, everyone laughed at my situation. I even found it very comical,” he detailed, while saying it was the shock of receiving the wrong order.

The UOL Call Extra to find out more details about the case and await a response.

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