Bruce Willis’s daughter returns to comment on her father’s health: “He is the same” – Zoera

Bruce Willis’s daughter returns to comment on her father’s health: “He is the same” – Zoera

Tallulah Willisone of the daughters Bruce Willisinform the public about He snorted From frontotemporal dementia, which the actor suffered in 2023. The conversation took place during his participation in the program. The Drew Barrymore Showlast Wednesday (8).

“It’s the same, which I think I’ve learned in that regard is the best thing you can ask for,” Tallulah revealed in a chat with Drew Barrymore.

Tallulah is a 29-year-old singer, and she is Willis’s youngest daughter from actress Demi Moore, to whom he was married for 13 years. They are also parents to Rumer, 35, and Scout, 32. The actor later married model Emma Hemming, with whom he had two daughters: Mabel and Evelyn, aged 11 and 9 respectively.

In the interview, Drew Barrymore asked Tallulah why the family was so open about the diagnosis. “Well, I think there are two reasons. On the one hand, it’s who we are as a family, but it’s also important for us to spread awareness [sobre a doença]”, the singer replied. “I see love when I am with him, and he is my father and he loves me, which is really special,” he said.

He snorted

The family revealed Willis’ diagnosis of dementia last February in a statement. They explained at the time that “communication problems are a symptom of the illness that Bruce faces,” and said that “although this is painful, it is a relief to have a clear diagnosis.”

In 2022, he was also diagnosed with aphasia, a language disorder that affects the ability to communicate.

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