Britons will need a photo ID to vote. Poor and ethnic minorities will suffer, warn critics – Op …

Britons will need a photo ID to vote.  Poor and ethnic minorities will suffer, warn critics - Op ...

In the next elections to the British Parliament, three years from now, only voters with a photo ID will be allowed to vote. The amendment, which approaches the reality of many countries, including Portugal, aims to reduce election fraud rates and is due to be announced this Tuesday in the traditional opening speech of a series of legislative sessions delivered by the Queen in the UK and then by the government.

In anticipation, critics are already there Began to ask themselves It should warn that young people, poor people and ethnic minorities who do not have a driving license or passport can be removed from democracy. Overall, they estimate that a quarter of the population will be in these conditions.

The Guardian writes that even with pre-arranged voting, some of the products will be required by the new law – in addition to existing documents, the government has already revealed that citizens can take photographs in advance of voting in residential areas, but rehearsals for local elections, already in 2019, Hundreds of people could not vote For not completing processes on time.

In addition to this requirement, the number of postal votes that can be sent on behalf of a third party will be limited, with the same aim of reducing election fraud. This, the Guardian emphasizes, confirms that at one time the National Electoral Commission confirmed that the UK “has the lowest level of proven electoral fraud”. In the last 2019 parliamentary election, one was accused of impersonating another voter and the other was instructed by the police.

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