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Taking into account the significant digital focus and current health measures, the British Embassy in Asuncion presents British Week or ‘British Week 2021’ from 8 to 14 March. This week’s a celebration of British culture and a showcase of England’s goals in Paraguay, including increased trade relations and the fight against climate change.

Since I arrived in Paraguay in October 2020, I have been amazed at everything the country has to offer. Its nature, its economic stability, its culture and youth are invaluable population bonuses. Paraguay is in a good moment, not counting the potential for green and sustainable growth with its electricity generation. In this context, British Week 2021, with Paraguay, serves as an opportunity to provide a model for all areas of our partnership, and our shared values, of everything the UK wants and can achieve.

The United Kingdom in Paraguay seeks to strengthen trade relations between our countries. At the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Glasgow (Scotland) this November, on the way to COP26, we are advocating for continued work in the fight against climate change. We want to continue to explore and promote opportunities for cooperation and cultural exchange, and connect the entire Paraguayan population at all levels.

The program of the week is available on our social networks (KUKinParaguay on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), which has the added value of being completely digital, and in this way reaches more homes across the country. There are free-to-use interactive items such as cookbooks and family activity manuals for the week; Virtual events such as British film screenings, a presentation on the history of England and Paraguay, a guided virtual tour of a museum in the UK, an interview with the Keane band and discussions about zero-emission vehicles. We will also have limited face-to-face events such as Peppa House at Pacio La Galleria and the British menu of Maurice de Tolerant.

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Most importantly, we relied on the contribution of numerous local allies throughout this week. These allies help to spread the word about the supply of British products, or act directly on issues that interest us as diplomatic representatives. For example, we have joined the garbage challenge again to join a cleaning day at Costanera di Asuncion. Similarly, we share British food and beverage recipes, as well as activities with companies in Gaza Rica, Wine and Spirits, Diageo, Perfect Import, Local Influence and many more.

At this particular moment, we want to present the experience of British culture in a safe and accessible way, breaking down geographical barriers and allowing people to enjoy different activities with family or friends, taking care of their well-being, wherever they are.

Reader, reader, you too can be a part of British Week 2021, from anywhere in Paraguay, through our many virtual activities, some face to face and mainly through our social networks. We would love to share with you your experiences through all the activities we plan to share with the public, using the hashtag # BritishWeekPY2021.

I do not want to end up not using this opportunity to express the UK’s support for all efforts in Paraguay to seek an alliance with our countries. Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England will continue to strengthen their friendship with Paraguay. Together we can make educational, cultural and business initiatives that seek to strengthen innovative, sustainable and respect for human rights; For the freedom of the press, all people are equal. The team of the British Embassy in Asuncion and I invite you to join us.

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British Ambassador to Paraguay.

@ Ramin_Nawai

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