British Health Minister resigns for breaching health rules to combat Covid National newspaper

British Health Minister resigns for breaching health rules to combat Covid  National newspaper

The UK’s health chief has resigned for not respecting health rules to combat Covid. He was caught kissing a co-worker in an extramarital affair.

It wasn’t just any news: the health minister who violated the health ministry’s own rules. The British newspaper “The Sun” published pictures showing Matt Hancock kissing, in a government building, a colleague – a consultant – with whom he now knows – if he was having an affair.

The point is that this footage was from May 6, when his government’s ruling said that internal meetings with people from other homes were prohibited – except in “reasonably necessary working conditions”.

Also, hugging someone – other than the one you live with and live with – also goes against restrictions.

Many Britons pointed to the conservative minister’s hypocrisy.

“They’re way above us, saying, ‘You can’t do this, you can’t do that.'”

“If he does it during office hours, while he was supposed to dispense the vaccine, that is a problem for me,” the resident comments.

At first, all the then-Minister of Health did was ask for forgiveness. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he had accepted the apology and said he had full confidence in Matt Hancock, and that he was dismissing the case.

“I know the tremendous sacrifices that everyone in this country has made – and the people who set the rules need to respect them too – and that’s why I must step down,” Hancock said.

His former boss has now said he regrets the resignation and that Hancock should be proud of his work fighting the pandemic. A fellow minister also resigned.

The former health minister again apologized for breaking the rules. He even apologized to his family. Somehow he betrayed the whole people.

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