British Diplomatic Service apologizes for banning LGBT staff

On 07/05/2021 7:34 pm

(Credit: Marcelo Camarco / Agensia Brazil)

The UK Foreign Office has officially apologized for the law banning LGBTQIA + people from serving in the diplomatic service and the law that went into effect until July 1991. The announcement was made by the company this Monday (5/7).

In a statement to officials, Philip Barton, head of the Diplomatic Service, said:

According to him, this “wrong view” lost the British diplomatic service of the country’s wonderful talents. “I would like to publicly apologize for the ban and for the impact our LGBT team and their loved ones have had in the UK and abroad,” Barton said.

The head of the diplomatic service noted that the body has made progress in promoting diversity and recruiting its workers over the past 30 years since the end of the law. “All of our LGBT staff – past and present – have helped to ensure change in the diplomatic service, while at the same time representing their country with professionalism and commitment,” he said.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Robb said: “I am grateful to past and present UK LGBT diplomats for representing our country so wonderfully and enhancing our values ​​around the world.”

Rob stressed that the country “protects LGBT rights because we believe that freedom and tolerance give strength to local and international communities.”

Currently, the United Kingdom is co-hosting the Intergovernmental Alliance for Equal Rights, a group of countries committed to protecting and promoting gender equality. The event will launch a new strategy to enhance international cooperation on LGBTQIA + rights.

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