British delegation visit to Public School in Federal District – Prisma

British delegation visit to Public School in Federal District – Prisma

The visit sought to emphasize the partnership between the United Kingdom and Brazil on issues related to development, climate and sustainability. Highlights include topics related to the G20 and the Brazil-UK agreement on green growth.

The British went to Escola Classe 66, do Sol Nascente. A needy part of Brasilia. There, they learned more about the food system of the local public school system.

“This kind of visit is important to understand more about the activities of the Brazilian government and the WFP (United Nations World Food Program) Center of Excellence, especially the impact of this kind of program on the lives of children in Brazil. For us, more about this kind of program to take best practices to other parts of the world. It's important to understand,” said Stephanie Al-Khaq, UK Ambassador to Brazil.

“What really caught my attention about this project was the scale, the scale of this whole exercise. In this area alone we're visiting, about 500,000 children are fed every day. And the quality of the food I've seen here is absolutely incredible!” said Nick Dyer, UK Secretary General for Development.

The Secretary also visited the state of Para. These visits allowed him to identify potential areas for the expansion of historic bilateral cooperation and allowed him to understand first-hand the environmental and developmental issues facing the region.

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