British boy missing for six years found in France

British boy missing for six years found in France

Police UK It was reported on Friday the 15th that a British teenager who went missing six years ago has been found in the south France and to return to his home in the north England, in the following days. Until then, the boy spent the last few years in a spiritual community in the Pyrenees mountains.

Alex Patty disappeared in 2017 aged 11 while on holiday with his mother and grandfather in Malaga. Spain. Both are still suspects and wanted by the police in connection with the case. Greater Manchester Police (GMP) said they were working with French authorities to bring Alex home to his legal guardian, his grandmother, according to French prosecutors.

“He is being well looked after by the French authorities at the moment and our priority is to get him back to the UK to his family in Oldham as soon as possible, which is expected to happen within the next few days,” said GMP’s Assistant Chief Constable Chris Sykes.

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How Alex was rediscovered

According to British police, a delivery man spotted a teenage girl wandering a road around the southern French city of Toulouse earlier this week. Alex later told him that he had fled a remote community in the Pyrenees.

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The driver told French media that he found the boy wandering in the middle of the night in a remote forest in the area. With him, he took some of his belongings, including a skateboard and a lamp.

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The police clarified that Alex had already spoken to his grandmother through a video call on the night of the 14th Thursday.

The case is not closed

Alex’s mother, who went missing with her son in 2017, may still be in the mountains. French TV BFM reported that he belonged to a spiritual group with no fixed abode that travels through the area known as a haven for traders and people seeking an alternative lifestyle in tents.

“There is still some work to be done to establish the full circumstances surrounding his disappearance and where he has been over the years,” said Chris Sykes of GMP. “The priority at this time is to speak with Alex, but his mother is part of this conversation and investigation.”

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