Britain to accept 160,000 Ukrainian refugees by end of January

Britain to accept 160,000 Ukrainian refugees by end of January

The UK has taken in 160,100 refugees since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, most taken by unknown beneficiaries, according to figures updated by the British Home Office today and collected up to the end of January.

Almost a year after the start of the conflict, 46,400 Ukrainians came through the family reunification route, welcomed by family members living in British territory, while the remaining 113,700 were received by strangers who wanted to receive them in their respective homes.

A total of 265,500 Ukrainians have applied for entry visas since March 4, 2022, of which 217,000 have been approved so far.

Project “Housing for Ukraine” [Casas para a Ucrânia] Created by the government, it promised “sponsors” a monthly stipend of 350 pounds (400 euros at current exchange rates) to support refugees for at least six months.

After the initial success of membership, the program ran into problems, with Ukrainians complaining about inappropriate locations and suspicious hosts.

According to humanitarian organizations, rising energy and food prices will contribute to the deterioration of relations.

By November, around 3,000 refugee families had declared themselves homeless and were temporarily housed in hotels or social housing.

The executive has pushed for an increase in the £350 allowance for patrons, but the government has only agreed to raise that amount to £500 (€570) if they stay longer than 12 months.

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