Brexit makes school trips to England difficult

Brexit makes school trips to England difficult

Brexit has made school travel to the UK more difficult, which is common in many European schools and especially in France.

In a class in Colmar, France, preparing to travel to Edinburgh, Scotland, an English teacher holds in a drawer the passports required for EU citizens to enter British territory.

Getting them is not an easy task. New traditions greatly complicate the organization of travel and many teachers almost abandon it.

“It was a big struggle. We thought for a few nights that it would be nice to leave, but come on, we did it,” says author Sarah Lepiofl.

It is very difficult for the families of the students to get the passport on timeAs a parent explains before the school bus leaves for Scotland.

“I contacted the Golmar Municipality to make an appointment, to get a passport, but the first meetings were at the end of June. One by one, I contacted the nearby communes, but all the meetings were far away. , Which is about an hour’s drive from our house “.

In addition to the deadline, there are The cost of obtaining a passport – 40 euros for French youth.Non-European national studentsAlthough living on European soil, You have to pay the equivalent of 120 euros to get a visa So they can go on trips with their colleagues.

New administrative restrictions have been incorporated into Brexit Significantly reduced school trips to the UK. Because of these traditions, many schools choose other English-speaking places, especially Ireland.

Two years after the epidemic, wherever it is, travel is a breath of fresh air for young people.

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