“Breaking Bad” has caused real problems in some people's lives

“Breaking Bad” has caused real problems in some people's lives

Since its launch in 2008,Too badIt won a legion of fans in the United States. During its five seasons, the series won 118 awards and received 230 nominations in various categories.

At the Golden Globes, after years of nominations, the show triumphed Bryan Cranston Winner of the Best Drama Actor Award, the series was named Best Drama Series in the 71st session.

The hit saga repeated its triumph at other awards, winning a total of 15 categories at the Satellite Awards, three statuettes at the Screen Actors Guild Awards and nine trophies at the Saturn Awards, with highlights once again going to Bryan Cranston.

However, the success of the series has brought with it some unexpected challenges for the owners of the homes featured in the story. Have you ever thought about this madness?

Understand the real-life developments of the “Breaking Bad” plot.

The heroes of the series “Breaking Bad” – Image: Netflix/Reproduction

From the series' complex plot to the imbalances it generates in reality, see below how fame has transformed fake homes into Tourist attractionsrevealing surprising challenges for local residents.

Next, check out the unexpected dilemmas faced by residents of homes highlighted on “Breaking Bad.”

Problems caused by 'Breaking Bad' off screen

No fan limit

In one of the most memorable episodes. Walter WhiteAfter a heated argument, he threw a pizza on the roof of his house.

The funny scene turned into a nightmare for the real owners of the house, located on the outskirts of Albuquerque, New Mexico. This is because the house has become a tourist attraction, which has led to cases of vandalism and theft there.

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The house's popularity led to the installation of a fence around the property, an essential measure to protect residents from constant harassment from fans.

Joan Quintana, the homeowner's daughter, shared her frustration:

“We can't go out, because when we go out something happens, which is ridiculous.”

Inspired by Walter's sight, tourists begin throwing pizza on the roof, causing further inconvenience to the residents.

series creator, Vince GilliganHe expressed his dissatisfaction with the incident, asking for respect from the people of the house:

“There's nothing funny or original about throwing pizza on this lady's roof.”

In contrast, Jesse Pinkman's character's home has also not escaped fans' attention, leading to equally unnecessary and uncomfortable situations.

Although the owner only reported the disturbing practice of taking the picturesthe Breaking Bad saga highlights the fine line between healthy appreciation and fans' invasion of privacy.

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