Brazilians follow a routine full of hope and frustration on the Gaza border National newspaper

Brazilians follow a routine full of hope and frustration on the Gaza border  National newspaper

Brazilians follow a routine of hope and frustration on the Gaza border

Brazilians and their family members on the list to leave the Gaza Strip were unable to cross the closed border with Egypt for the second day in a row.

Twenty-four Brazilians remain on alert awaiting the call to leave the conflict zone.

It was another Saturday of frustration. Gaza’s borders with Egypt remained closed.

Brazilian Hassan Rabie, who arrived in Gaza in September to visit his family, expects that the group will be able to cross the border on Sunday (12).

“We have just received notification that the borders will be open on Sunday (12). Those who will be able to leave are the people who were on the last list. There are more or less 700 or 600 people depending on the number, but on Sunday (12) we will try.” Once again crossing the border. I hope, and I pray very hard, that they can admit the infected first because if the infected enter, it will be much easier for us to enter,” said Brazilian.

For a month, Brazilians have been living this routine of hope and frustration. The Brazilian Ambassador to Palestine, Alessandro Candias, said that Egypt requires priority in the departure of a minimum number of ambulances before authorizing the removal of foreigners.

On Friday (10), some Brazilians spent the morning in Rafah, one kilometer from the border with Egypt.

Brazilian Shahed Al-Banna says: “We are tired, very tired. I just want these borders to be opened soon, for the love of God to be opened soon!”

After two consecutive days of closing the borders, the Foreign Ministry preferred not to make a new prediction about the withdrawal of the Brazilians. Itamaraty confirmed that it continues to work to achieve this. The Brazilians are on the list of those authorized to leave Gaza and that the group is in good health.

There is a medical team among the flight crew on standby in Egypt to transport the Brazilians to Brasilia.

The initial schedule is that they will go by bus to the city of Arish. There they will board a Brazilian Air Force plane that will return them to their homeland.

Upon arrival in Brazil, they must stay for two nights in Brasilia, in FAB accommodation to recover and rest.

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