Brazil is the fourth country to move away from democracy in 2020, according to the report

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Brazil is still far from autocratic, but the president’s gestures are cause for concern

Brazil is the fourth country to move away from democracy in 2020 in the ranking of 202 countries analyzed. The conclusion is taken from the V-Democracy report, from the institute of the same name associated with the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Published in March 2021, the document is an important tool that investors and researchers from around the world and Brazil use to prioritize business globally.

According to the index, where 0 represents a complete dictatorship and 1 represents a complete democracy, today Brazil scores a score of 0.51, down 0.28 compared to the 2010 measure, which was 0.79.

The fall of the country was no greater than the fall of Poland, Hungary and Turkey. The last two, one under the right-wing Viktor Orban regime and the other under the leadership of conservative Recep Erdogan, have officially become authoritarian, in the V-Dem classification.

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