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a team Lovely They traveled by car for eight days to reach one of the coldest places on the planet. What our reporters couldn’t imagine was that they would find a magical place. See the full report in the video above.

In summer, the rivers and lakes of the North carry water to every plot. But when winter comes, they turn into a silent density. This was the path that opened up for our team towards the far north: the Arctic Circle.

The icy roads lead to people living in a very secluded place. And these people claim that they keep, at the bottom of the lake, the secret of the future of mankind.

Report left New York and headed to Toronto, Canada. From there, he went to Edmonton. Days later, Yellowknife, where there is an airport. The temperature was already -40 degrees Celsius.

The plan was as follows: first, 650 kilometers asphalt. Then, 220 km on a mixture of asphalt and river crossings. Then ride only on roads that are only found in winter.

In this report you will see:

  • transparent ice trails, where you can see the bottom of the lake below;
  • wooden bridges built on stretches of ice cracks;
  • a flock of bison looking for grazing in the snow;
  • Peoples who live isolated in an area that is not accessible by land in the summer.

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