Brazil is ranked 66th in the world and 4th in total

Vacinação no interior de São Paulo
Vaccination inside Sao Paulo
Photo: Giulio Paletta / Educational Images / Universal Images Team via Getty Images

Brazil ranks 66th in the global rankings for vaccine against Covit-19, the country that started vaccinating every Monday (2) five months ago, and is already ranked 56th and even dropped to 70th.

The country is the 12th largest producer of the G20, the world’s largest group of 20 economies. According to company update data CNN67.28 dose is used for every 100 citizens in Brazil.

Canada has surpassed the United Kingdom and topped the list with a dose of 131.22 per 100 people. It is 125.50 in the UK. China (115.99), followed by Italy (113.70) and Germany (109.87). France appears in sixth place with 107.56.

The vaccination team shows Brazil’s position in the world rankings for vaccine against Covit-19
Photo: CNN Brazil

The United States (103.59) is in 7th place, followed by Turkey (87.14). Saudi Arabia appears next, with a dose of 78.48 used for every 100 citizens. In 10th place, previously occupied by Brazil, Argentina appeared, with the same rate of 71.13 dose used.

China remains at the top of the rankings, with 1,669,527,000 doses already used, considering the absolute numbers of the vaccine.

India is in second place with 472.2 million doses used. Then the United States, with 346.4 million. Brazil ranks fourth, with a dose of 142.4 million used – the same level if we consider the G20 countries.

Germany appears in 5th place, with 92 million doses used. Japan, the host country of the Olympics, is in 6th place with the same rate of 87.3 million doses. The UK ranks 7th with 85.1 million doses.

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Data were compiled by the agency CNN With information from the state health departments and the website Our world in data, Affiliated with the University of Oxford, UK.

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