UK law says lobsters, crabs and octopuses are sentient

UK law says lobsters, crabs and octopuses are sentient

In the UK, lobsters, crabs and octopuses are not recognized as conscious beings, but this will change with their inclusion from animals In the new legislation, the draft of which was created after a study funded by the government.

Hey papermade by London School of Economics and Political Science The London School of Economics concluded that there is “strong evidence” that cephalopods and decapods – taxonomies of the animals mentioned – have aspects of what we understand as their “special sense of being”.

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Crustaceans such as crabs, as well as other invertebrate animals are covered by new UK animal protection legislation (Image: aDam Wildlife / Shutterstock)

The proposed law entitled “Animal Welfare (Awareness) Bill.“, vertebrate organisms were already recognized as sentient, but failed to provide the same benefit to animals that do not have a defined bone structure. This definition is what changed with regard to lobsters, crabs, octopuses and other creatures of this type – despite the fact that they do not have skeletons. They are bony, but they are equipped with a very complex central nervous system and are therefore able not only to sense, but also to learn from what they feel.

“The law in question provides crucial certainty that animal welfare is properly taken into account when developing new legislation,” says an extract from the statement published on the official website of the British Parliament. “Today, the science is clearer for us in showing that decapods and cephalopods can feel pain and, therefore, it is right that they are covered by this vital legal standard.”

The new law, which is about to be approved, will establish a special committee for wildlife welfare, which addresses various structures in nature and is composed of experts in the sector, so that they can produce reports focusing on the extent to which the government takes into account the welfare of wildlife. Wildlife. The animal must be subject to new legislation.

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According to the statement, industries related to the use of these animals should not be affected. But the text itself promises “plans to expand the strongest protections for the world of domestic animals, livestock, and wildlife.”

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