Brahma Kumaris opens an exhibition on peace

Brahma Kumaris opens an exhibition on peace

Interactive and immersive installations and works will lead the audience to become not only a spectator, but also a peace promoter.

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In such confusing times in the four corners of the world, thinking about peace is an even more urgent task. With that in mind, the Brahma Kumaris The exhibition “Peace in All Languages”, which will be inaugurated next Thursday (21), at 10 am, is presented at the Passarella Cultural Center, in the annex of the Minas Gerais State Public Library of Professor Francisco Iglesias, in Liberty Square. The group exhibition features some interactive and immersive installations and works and aims to delight, surprise and inspire the audience to also undertake the task of becoming a peacemaker.

The exhibition takes the visitor into two experiences: one meditative and the other interactive. Among the works in the meditative space, the most notable is “Ocean of Knowledge”, with eight panels hung above a huge ocean canvas bringing reflections on spirit and matter (peace consciousness), where do we come from and where are we? we are going? (Peace House), the law of cause and effect (Peace Works), etc.

Another work, “Peace Tent / Revolving Peace in Silence,” is an immersive environment, a white meditation tent with ambient lighting and music for meditation. Upon entering the interactive space, the visitor finds a fun and playful environment with a massive stop-motion audio-visual display: “And this is how it should be – may this song bring peace!”.

In Paint Peace, people can color a painting on the wall while thinking about the theme of peace. In Calming Your Life work, the invitation is to spin a wheel on the wall and identify areas of life that need calming. There is also a central space to sit and make paintings and drawings about peace.

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“Peace in All Languages” is the work that gives the exhibition its name: several boxes in which you can read testimonies from young people from different parts of the world who share their experiences on how to calm their lives. In the work “Peace in Nature,” a huge ball made of plastic film mimics the planet, surrounded by other smaller balls of plastic and metal, inviting us to think about the use of plastic and the practice of mining that is so harmful to nature. Environment (“Minere Peace/Find peace/Don’t placate, calm down”); In the work “Aiming for Peace,” the importance of disarmament is reflected upon (“Aiming for Peace / Throwing Flowers of Light”).

The purpose of the exhibition is to provide inspiration and also some clues about the true nature and power of peace that each individual already carries within themselves. She intends to show an “inner space” where you can always find peace. Every human being is a potential “peacemaker” in the world of his home and work, as well as in the world itself. But first you must rediscover inner peace and know its power. It’s a reasonably easy find. But it requires awareness.


The exhibition will include an opening lecture on Thursday, at 7 pm, by Joreth Dunningham and Alex Bouchat, in the hall of the Minas Gerais Public Library.

Joreth Dunningham has a degree in Communications and Fashion Design, is the editor of OmLine magazine, has written two books and coordinated the Brahma Kumaris unit in El Salvador. Alex Pochat holds a Doctorate in Music from UFBA and is also a yoga teacher for the Brahma Kumaris.

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Brahma Kumaris is a spiritual movement spread over 110 countries, headquartered in Mount Abu (India), with offices in London (UK), Moscow (Russia), Nairobi (Kenya), New York (USA) and Sydney (Australia). . . ). BK promotes meditation, the philosophical practice of Raja Yoga, spiritual retreats, environmental initiatives, and educational, cultural and artistic projects.

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